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Hi. My name is Vivienne. I'm twenty-one, bisexual, and an aspiring writer. In my spare time I love fantasy books and movies, all the usual things.

What you should know: I keep this journal partly locked, partly public. Sometimes I forget it's here so you won't see anything for weeks. There may be days when I post multiple times! I've never been able to settle down in just one place, but I'm pretty easy going about adding people back. =) If you do friend me randomly please drop a line otherwise I might get distracted and forget to check you out so that I can return the add.

If you find that I've added you randomly I hope that you don't mind! It just means I found you interesting and you're under no obligation to add me back.

Some of my current fandoms are:

Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Battlestar Galactica
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Vampire Diaries
True Blood
Heroes (ewah season 3 >.<)

Even if I really like a series I can still get distracted and wander away from it. I've only seen three seasons of Heroes and the first season of Lost plus an episode here and there.

I'm sort of plural too, but you don't need to know what that is to add me.

Interests (144):

80's music, a softer world, acceptance, affection, alcohol, ancient egypt, artwork, asperger's syndrome, australian shepherds, autism, autobiographies, baking, bats, being clever, being contradictory, biographies, bisexuality, books, bookshops, budgies, buffy the vampire slayer, c. s. lewis, canada, cats, chatting, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, clothes, coffee, comedy, computers, corvids, dancing, death cab for cutie, depression, distractions, doctor who, dogs, dollhouse, dreams, drinking, england, experiments, explosions, falling in love, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fickin, fiction, fictionkin, firefly, folklore, friendship, frogs, germany, girls with glasses, gryphons, harry potter, heroes, hobbits, honesty, horses, house m.d., ice cream, j. r. r. tolkien, jewelry, jim butcher, jim henson, l.m. montgomery, labyrinth, languages, laughing, libraries, literature, living, love, loving, magic, me, meeting new people, men, movies, music, musicals, my family, mystical creatures, nature, non-fiction, paganism, people-watching, photography, pictures, piercings, pleasure, questions, rain, reading, riddles, romance, russia, scented candles, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shiny things, shopping, sleep, snow, snowball fights, sparkly things, spells, spiders, spirituality, stargazing, stars, stephen king, storytelling, swimming, talking, tattoos, terry brooks, terry pratchett, the big nose-freeze, the dark is rising, the dark tower, thunderstorms, titanic, toads, touching, toys, understanding, unicorns, usability, used bookstores, vampires, walking, weed, wibbling, winter, writing, zombies,
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